Update on the Solar Flash of 21 December 2020

Update on the Solar Flash of 21 December 2020

Update on the Solar Flash of 21 December 2020

We will continue to feel the effects of the Solar Flash until the end of this week.

The Solar Flash gave us all a boost in our Ascension Journey. However, we are all at different stages in our Ascension Journey so we may all feel or experience it in different ways.

I have already noticed a huge difference in the energy of the Collective Consciousness. It was extremely heavy and murky but now it feels significantly lighter.

My Guides showed me that though there is still alot of dark/heavy energy there was a tremendous amount of dark energy transmuted.

This has created more space for the energy of love which is already present to flow more freely around the world and within the Collective Consciousness.

The Ascension of the Earth and Humanity is well underway and will continue over the coming years.

We will continue to receive waves of Ascension energies from the Cosmos to assist us with this process.

Know that we all have unlimited support from the Angelic and Star Beings at this time. All we have to do is ask for their help. Under the Law of Free Will, unless we ask for their help, they cannot help or interfere. They are on standby awaiting our requests. No request is too small or too large. Use whatever words or language comes naturally to you.