If we want to raise our vibration so that we attract more positive things into our life, then we must start to develop a discipline to managing our energetic vibration. We can take control of our energetic vibration.

We can apply this to each of the four components of our being. First lets, look at our mental body.

Apparently, the average person has between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. They say and I believe it, that for the average person 95% of these thoughts are repetitive, the same as the day before.

They also say that for the average person 80% of these thoughts are negative. I would say that before I started meditating this was true for me. There was a little programme or loop of thoughts that played over and over again all day long.

The majority of people have mostly negative thoughts going round our minds. This is not good news when you understand that your thoughts emit a frequency and they also create our emotions which emit a frequency too.

In order to change the frequency of our thoughts from negative to more positive we must first become aware of our thoughts. For me two things helped me with developing an awareness of my thoughts. Meditation and practicing positive affirmations.

Meditation creates the stillness and space to become aware of your thoughts. It also creates the space for you to choose which thoughts you engage with. When you notice that you are engaged with and adding fuel to a negative thought you can choose to refocus and engage with another more positive thought.

Practicing positive affirmations helped me to become aware of my thoughts. It helped me to notice how negative or positive they were, and they provided me with positive thoughts to engage with.

Journaling also works for some people to become aware of what thoughts and thought patterns are running through their mind.

Awareness is everything, we cannot change anything without awareness.

We must start to become aware of our thoughts and find those moments when we can choose to refocus our mind to engage with positive thoughts. This is when we start to take control of not just our minds but also our vibration.

At this point we may also become aware of our emotions and notice the connection between our emotions and our thoughts. Positive thoughts create positive emotions.

This naturally feeds into our physical body too. Negative thoughts create negative emotions which create negative electro chemicals in the body, this feels like tension in the body. And the opposite, positive thoughts create positive emotions which create positive electro chemicals in the body, this feels like relaxation in the body.

If we find it difficult to notice our thoughts, we can tune into our body and try to figure it out from there. How does your body feel – relaxed or tense. Either way we know an emotion caused this state.

Notice this much and keep it simple. I had to start off this basic. When we notice what state our body is in we can ask what emotion created this physical sensation. Was it a positive or negative emotion. We can then try to become aware of the general emotion. If we can tune into the emotion great. Either way we know that a thought created the emotion. We can then ask what thoughts was I engaging with that created this emotion and subsequently this physical sensation.

Just practicing this kind of enquiry, even if the answers aren’t clear immediately, will help develop the awareness required to allow you to change your thoughts and therefore your vibration.

Practicing a regular mediation and or body scan will make a big difference to help you take control of your mind and vibration. A 60 second meditation or bodyscan is better than none. If you start with 60 seconds and work up to 5 minutes a day then your doing awesome. It doesn’t need to be hardcore meditation to make a big difference.


Take care

Margaret Smyth




Photo by Hannah Jacobson on Unsplash