Trauma/Emotional Healing Treatments

These sessions are 1.5 hours – €150.

  • Trauma – We can heal any trauma including Child Abuse, Complex Trauma, PTSD etc
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Emotional Baggage
  • Feeling stuck in life
  • Negative patterns

Most of us have experienced some sort of Trauma in our life. It could be a car accident, being humiliated by a teacher when a child, being bullied or some sort of abuse.

One of the components involved in a traumatic event is the Threat of any of the following: Death, physical safety, pain, abandonment, heights, suffocation, being trapped, humiliated, loss of reputation or ability to provide for oneself or family.

The landscape of the brain at the time of a traumatic event is a factor which plays a big part in whether the event becomes encoded in the brain as a traumatic event. The landscape refers to the state of the individuals mental wellbeing at the time of the event. If the individual had a negative landscape at the time of the event they would be more susceptible to becoming traumatised by the event. This negative landscape could occur due to stress, grief, illness or other life factors including prior traumatic experiences. This explains why two people in the same car accident may have different outcomes. One with a positive mental landscape recovers from the accident with no longterm consequences. The other party who may have been experiencing chronic stress becomes traumatised by the car accident, even if they physically recover fully.

Another factor in trauma is the perception of individual that they are unable to escape the experience/event.

Young woman with depression and anxiety having a bad headache