Energy Healing Treatments

One Hour Sessions – €100. Energy Healing treatments include the following:

Reiki – Reiki is a very gentle, soothing and nurturing treatment, ideal for anyone who wants general healing and support. Reiki can assist with managing stress, grieving and life’s general challenges. It’s a wonderful treatment for a regular self care maintenance.

Womb Blessing/Healing – This energy healing treatment works with the Divine Feminine Energy. It helps to reconnect you to the Divine Feminine and nurture and recharge your innate feminine energy. As we all, women and men, have feminine energy there are separate versions of this healing available for women and men.

Divine Masculine Energy Healing – This energy healing treatment works with the Divine Masculine energy. It helps you to recharge and reconnect with your innate masculine energy. Men and women have masculine energy and this treatment is for men and women who want to support and develop their masculine energy.

Angel Healing – This healing treatment works with Angelic energy.

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