Shamanic Healing

These sessions last for 1 hour – €100

The shaman works with their spirit relationships to create changes that manifest in the physical world for the healing of individuals, communities and the land.

Shamans move and direct energy to restore harmony within the individual.

Shamans recognise that the Divine or Spirit exists in all things and therefore all things are connected.

In these shamanic healing sessions, I in connection with my client and Spirit, will identify what underlying issues need to be dealt with in order to resolve the presenting problem.  I will then facilitate the appropriate healing.


Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing is healing for the souls of your ancestors. It is a healing for your Ancestors who have died but not crossed over. Their souls can end up stuck on this earth plane which is not where they are supposed to be.

There are various reasons why they may not have crossed over and become stuck. It could be due to a traumatic or sudden death, due to their unhealed life experiences or other reasons. Either way this is not a good situation for them, for us or for the collective.

The energy of the unhealed ancestors can end up lingering around us like an energetic cloud. This can affect us in very subtle but significant ways.

When I facilitate Ancestral Healing, it allows the souls to heal and cross over, re-join their healthy ancestors and continue their soul’s journey.

This also means that when we connect with our ancestors or when they connect with us they are coming from a healthy place.


Past Life Healing

Our souls are eternal and some have had many human lifetimes. Sometimes there can be unresolved issues relating to certain past lives that need healing. These unhealed past lives can affect us in subtle ways. In some cases there is a lesson that wasn’t fully learned in a past life that is repeating again in this lifetime.

When I facilitate past life healing, I guide the client back to a past life that needs healing. We connect with any messages or lessons that are awaiting completion. I facilitate the necessary healing for that lifetime and guide my client to reconnect with the fragment of their soul that was stuck in that experience. Further spiritual healing may be required to assist with the re-integration of this soul fragment.


Soul Retrieval

When we experience deep hurts or traumas the pain can cause our soul to be come fragmented. Sometimes pieces of our soul can split away.

In a soul retrieval session, I guide my client to reconnect with an experience where their soul became fragmented and split. I help my client to reconnect with this part of their soul and re-integrate it. I facilitate this work in conjunction with my guides, my clients and the spiritual healing available to me.


Releasing Limiting Soul Contracts

Sometimes we carry limiting soul contracts from previous lifetimes into our current life. These can be vows of poverty etc. These old contracts can limit or prevent us from achieving our purpose in this lifetime.

I assist my clients to heal and release any limiting soul contracts that may be interfering with their current life’s plan.


Cutting Negative Cords

Negative cords are created when we have negative experiences with people. They can also occur when we engage in thoughts about these people or experiences.

I facilitate the cutting of all negative cords with my clients and any people, places or experiences with the assistance of my spiritual team and the angels.


Journeys to connect with your Spiritual Team

We all have a spiritual team supporting us, encouraging us, loving us and guiding us.

I teach my clients to connect with their spiritual teams and to build relationships with their team, so that they may connect directly with their guides for support.

Energy Healing

One Hour Sessions Energy Healing treatments – €100


Reiki is Life Source Energy. It is a very gentle soothing and nurturing treatment, ideal for anyone who wants general healing and support. Reiki can assist with healing stress, grief, lifes general challenges and help your body heal. It’s a wonderful treatment for regular self care.


Womb Blessing Healing:

This energy healing treatment works with the Divine Feminine Energy. It helps to reconnect and strengthen your connection to the Divine Feminine. It will help to recharge and nurture your innate feminine energy. As we all, women and men, have feminine energy there are healings available for both women and men.


Divine Masculine Energy Healing:

This energy healing treatment works with the Divine Masculine Energy. It helps you to reconnect to the Divine Masculine and recharge your innate masculine energy. Men and women have masculine energy and this treatment is therefore suitable for men and women who want to develop their masculine energy.


Angel Energy Healing: This healing treatment works with the Angelic Energy and can assist your healing at every level of your being: Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Trauma/Emotional Healing

These sessions last 1.5 hours – €150

  • Trauma – we can heal any Trauma including: Child Abuse, Complex Trauma, PTSD etc
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Emotional Baggage
  • Feeling Stuck in life
  • Negative Patterns

Most of us have experienced some sort of Trauma in our life. It could be a car accident, being humiliated by a teacher in school, being bullied, or some sort of abuse.

One of the components involved in an event becoming a Trauma is the Threat of any of the following: Death, physical safety, pain, abandonment, heights, suffocation, being trapped, humiliated, loss of reputation, ability to provide for oneself or family.

The landscape of the brain at the time of an event is a factor which plays a big part in whether the event becomes encoded in the brain as a Trauma. The landscape refers to the state of the individual’s mental wellbeing at the time of the event.

If the individual has a negative landscape at the time of the event, they would be more susceptible to becoming traumatised by the event.

This negative landscape can occur due to stress, grief, illness, or other life factors including prior traumatic experiences.

This explains why two people may have been in the same car accident but one of them recovers fully and the other may be traumatised by the event.

Another factor in trauma is the perception of the individual that they were unable to escape the experience or event.

Equine Assisted Learning

These are 1 hour sessions – €150

In EAL sessions we work with horses on the ground. No horse experience is required.

Horses as prey animals are highly aware of their environment and the people around them. They are acutely aware of our emotions because of this they make excellent teachers in EAL sessions. They give us feedback constantly. This in turn helps us to develop our self-awareness and our personal development. Self-awareness and self-knowledge lead to greater understanding and compassion towards ourselves. This automatically provides us with greater understanding and compassion towards others. This all leads to enhanced interpersonal communications and interactions.

EAL is exceptionally beneficial for Business Leaders who want to deepen their personal development. It is particularly helpful to improve your Emotional Awareness/Intelligence and Interpersonal Communications.

For Animals

I provide Energy healing for Animals, typically with Reiki Energy as it is powerful but also gentle.  This is a great treatment for anxious, stressed animals. Animals recovering from injury or rescue animals recovering from abuse.

Please contact me to discuss whether this is suitable for your animals. Price is dependent on location/travel. However distant healing is also available.

Land/Space Healing

These healing sessions are usually 1.5 hours – €150

Healing for your house and or land will heal and release any earthbound spirits or negative energies that have become attached or built up on your property. This healing session will include charging up the property with high vibrational healing energy.

Negative energy could have arisen due to Geopathic Stress, Earthbound Spirits attached to the land, curses, imprints of negative energetic memories and trauma.

Get in touch and we can discuss your needs and the most appropriate treatment for you.