Trauma can be Healed

Trauma can be Healed

Easy to use tips for dealing with Trauma today.

Lots of people feel tense and on edge, live in a constant state of high alert, suffer from nervous agitation, poor concentration and trouble sleeping.

I remember living like that. Everyday life was difficult and just getting through the day was exhausting. I remember the feeling of numbness and isolation, feeling unable to connect with people, feelings of overwhelming fear or anger and constantly being on the alert.

After living like this for 10 years I finally got help and learned how to heal the Trauma. Since then I trained in some of the techniques that helped me heal. If I can heal from this others can too.

Here’s some tips that helped me great through the trauma:

1. Deep Breathing: Put one hand on your stomach and breathe in through your nose deep down to your stomach. Notice your hand raise as your stomach expands. Breathe out slowly through your mouth. Notice your hand fall as your stomach contracts. Do 10 breaths like this several times throughout the day. Do it anytime you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed.

2. Journal: Spend a few minutes every day or whenever you need to writing down how you’re feeling. This is just to be used as a form of expressing yourself and releasing the feelings. You don’t need to use proper sentences/grammar or spelling it is just about releasing the negative thoughts and emotions. Afterwards tear up the paper and bin it.

3. Meditate: Keep it simple and short. Five minutes a day. Focus on your breath and count each breath from 1-10. Every time you get to 10 start again at one. Every time you notice your mind has drifted off, start again at one. One of the many benefits from this type of mediation is that over time you develop the ability to focus your mind wherever you want. Your mind no longer controls you.

I’m always happy to chat about how life can get better so feel free to get in touch if you like.

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