Twelve months ago, I let go of my accountancy career in order to focus on what had been my part time work as a healer.

This big change prompted all my hidden fears about security and safety to come right up to the surface. And all of my limiting beliefs, my concepts about who I am and what my life was supposed to look like and feel like. All of my ego’s beliefs about what success and failure looked like.  All of this came up so that I could heal it. Layer after layer.

This led to deeper healing as blocked memories surfaced to be healed.

Past life memories came up for healing.

I learned to forgive and let go at the deepest levels.

I found the roots of my lack of self-worth and healed this too.

I moved deeply into my feminine energy. I became more balanced with my masculine energy/right brain/logical mind. This helped me learn to go with the flow of life and all the changes and disruptions. I learned to surrender and trust at deeper levels then ever before.

Unexpectedly, my spiritual development took off during this time.

It has been a transformational 12 months for me personally. None of it quite what I expected. It wasn’t a comfortable year. But it has changed me for the better. I am more comfortable in myself. I know and love myself at a deeper soul level. I am stronger, more flexible and more confident in my ability to adapt and flow with life’s changes. There is a completely new version of me in existence. And it feels wonderful.

I have more clarity of my purpose or soul’s plan for this life. My trust in the benevolent forces of the universe is even stronger now. So too is my inner knowing that life is supposed to be and can be a joyous experience for all of us.

While my inner world has been evolving, the external world has changed and is continuing to change. It feels like we are in the middle of a storm of change. The world around us is transforming.

I see a new world emerging from this storm of change. A world where we look after and support each other, the earth and all its creatures. A world that allows all of us to thrive.

This is not a comfortable time for anyone. All of us are being shaken out of our comfort zone and being asked to look at ourselves, our lives and collective way of being with fresh eyes.

We are being asked to find new better ways of moving forward. Less harmful ways. None of us will be able to avoid doing our inner work and healing our past. In healing our past we will be able to it go of it. This will free us up and make space for us to bring in new healthier, happier ways of being individually and collectively.

We can and will find our way forward, one step at a time. But we will need to work together and help each other.

Get in touch if you need support navigating these times of change.

Take care


Photo by Erin Wilson on Unsplash