The Ascension is in progress, it cannot be stopped, it cannot be slowed down.

The shift into 5th Dimension on Earth is imminent. Everything is in place.

This shift into 5th Dimension will return humans to their full freedom, full sovereignty and capacity to co create with God/Source.

Humans will regain access to the full range of their abilities.

This Shift will remove the veil of amnesia from humans. Humans will become aware of all that has been kept hidden from them by those Beings with negative agendas.

There are Beings that have been living on Earth that have been manipulating humans, human’s energies and the Earth’s energies. They have been doing this for their own benefit at the detriment of humans and the Earth.

The Shift into 5th Dimension will end this.

These negative/corrupt beings know what is coming. This same Ascension and Shift process has happened on many other planets that were once controlled by them.

When the shift occurs and the humans suddenly become aware of what has been happening for so long, they will be both traumatised and outraged.

Things could get messy.

Luckily, we have a plethora of Angelic Beings and pure Star Beings who have been through this phase of the Ascension, on standby. They are here to assist us as we move into and through this Shift.

They are here to assist us after the Shift. To help us heal our deep trauma and shock. To help us learn, understand and make sense of things.

There are a number of different possible timelines available to us at this point for how things play out.

As always there is an easy way to do things and a difficult way.

I prefer the easy route. It involves communication, education and healing. It is preparing all Beings for the changes coming.

This work is already underway. This is why there are so many humans channelling and sharing information coming through from our Galactic neighbours about the Ascension.

This Shift will require deep healing for all Beings on Earth.  This healing is available and it can be easier that we can currently imagine.

This Shift will require a transformational change in every way of living for all Beings on Earth.

This is not something to fear. This does not have to be difficult.

This Shift into 5th Dimension has been described by some channels as the possibility that the Earth could split into two or two dimensions where some Beings move into 5th dimension and some stay behind in 3rd dimension. However, there are much easier ways. We don’t have to do this the hard way.

God wants us all to receive the healing that is available to us and coming to us with the Shift. God wants all Beings to move into 5th Dimension. However, God will not force any Being into something they have not agreed to. God can accommodate us all.

God will not withhold healing or love from any Being. No matter what. No matter how dark or negative they’ve become. No matter what diabolical things they’ve done. God’s love and healing is unconditional and unlimited.

God knows and understands that all Beings on Earth find change difficult and scary. God wants us to know that there is no need for any Being to be scared of this Shift.

This is a Shift from fear into Love, from dark into Light.

Our Galactic Neighbours want us to know that we can do this and that they have already successfully made this Shift.

The preparation for this Ascension Shift started thousands of years ago. It may not feel like we are ready, but we are.


Take care,

Margaret Smyth