The Lights are On

The Lights are On

The Lights are On

My guides showed me an image of how the Solar Flash of 21 December 2020 and the Ascension upgrade may feel for some people. I’ll try and explain it…

“Its like the lights have ben turned on. They showed an image of someone living in a house with no electricity, its dark all the time and they use 1 single candle for their light source. With the light of their candle, they feel cosy in their dark house and can find what they need. They get by. However, now it’s as though the electricity was switched on and all the lights are on in the house. Suddenly they can see that their nice cosy house, is actually dirty, its covered in dust and cobwebs. There’s boxes of junk and rubbish sitting around them that they hadn’t noticed before. “

This increase in clarity is what some people may experience with this jump in our energetic vibration due to the Ascension. People who have been living with all their wounds, emotional baggage and limiting beliefs thinking that they are ok may now become aware of the weight of their baggage. These people may have been functioning at a very high level despite their baggage and may have genuinely believed they had no issues. They may now suddenly or gradually become aware that they are not ok. That change is needed.

This will be happening at an individual and collective level. Society will also start to become aware that the way we have been operating is not working in our best interest and that change is needed.

In order to progress our Ascension Journey, we must each start to heal and clear our wounds, emotional baggage and limiting beliefs. As we do this, we are transmuting the dark/negative energy within us. As this dark energy within us is transmuted (dissolved) we are creating more space within us for our light to shine.

Think of your Being as an old-fashioned Lamp. Your wounds are the dirt that builds up on the glass of the lamp. As we heal, the glass becomes cleaner and the light shining out of the lamp gets stronger and brighter. The amount of light hasn’t changed, the same volume of light was always there. But now it can shine without any restriction or limitation.

In doing this work each of us becomes a lightworker.

Our souls all signed up to be here on Earth at this time and experience this Ascension. There is no way out, we can only move forward with the process. No matter how longs it takes this Ascension from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimension is happening. While it may at times be a painful process it is totally worth it.


Take care

Margaret Smyth