The Light in the Dark

The Light in the Dark

The Light in the Dark – 25 March 2020

One of the things that stood out for me when I worded in Insolvency, was how the Insolvency Process reminds me of the Process of Nature. The Insolvency Practitioner’s job involves breaking down the assets of the company into its component parts and selling those parts. These parts are bought, reused, recycled and re-purposed. This process always reminded me of how nature takes waste material, compost, dead leaves and breaks them down to feed all the insects and nurture the soil to allow new growth. Nothing is wasted.

Even in times where companies go into liquidation there are opportunities. Assets are sold at reduced liquidation prices. This creates an opportunity for a new start up that may not otherwise have the funds to buy the required assets at full price and get their business started.

Employees no longer have jobs or any sense of security but now have the opportunity to re-evaluate their career, their skills, the way they work and live. They now have this moment in time to consider whether they even enjoy their work, whether they want to up level their skills, retrain or start their own business.

When change is forced on us it can shake us free of chains that were binding us to certain ways of thinking and being. Chains that we may not even have been aware of. Ways of being that may not necessarily have been in our best interest.

This post is not meant to diminish or ignore the pain and suffering that comes with recessions, business closures and job losses. It just a reminder that even in the dark times there is always light.

Take Care