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Trauma &
Emotional Healing

Release blocks, upgrade your mindset and create your dream life with support from Margaret. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, Margaret can help you let go of past trauma and develop the tools you need for confidence in progressing your life and your dreams.

Release trauma & feel better, faster

Margaret has developed and practised techniques that allow you to recognise and release trauma while reducing the ‘hangover’ that can come after an emotional release. Clients report shifting big emotions and feeling transformative shifts within each session.

Recognise & release past trauma

Create clarity & develop the ability for move forward

Create emotional freedom

Build the confidence to move forward

Assisted Learning

Equine-Assisted Learning is uniquely designed to develop your self-awareness and interpersonal skills. While you will be in a ring with a horse, but will not have to ride one, and will be supported by Margaret. You will be taken through activities, which are centred around non-verbal communication.

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Learn & grow with like-minded people

If you’re looking for something different, a monthly membership might be for you. Every month, the group meets online for a two-hour live session. These sessions are also uploaded to a library so you can come back to them. A monthly membership gives you access to the live groups, the library, and introduces you to a community of like-minded people that are on a similar journey

Membership Overview

Discover More Healing Options

Take a look at the one-to-one coaching and healing services offered by Margaret, and get in touch to get started.