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One-to-One Coaching & Healing

Margaret Smyth provides a range of coaching and healing services, which she’s honed to provide clients with quick, tangible results. Whether you’re looking for practical tools to help you become unstuck and move forward or looking to turn inward and shift unwanted emotions, Margaret will create a personal program designed to support your growth.

Coaching & Personal Development

One-to-one coaching & personal development sessions are designed to help you rediscover your purpose and passion in life. Learn to take advantage of your unique skills and power, move through a career change, heal from and prevent burnout, manage stress and more.

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Trauma &
Emotional Healing

Release blocks, upgrade your mindset and create your dream life. Margaret can help you uncover what’s holding you back from progressing. Clearing blocked emotions can free you so that you can progress into the next part of your dream life without trauma holding you back.

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Energy & Spiritual Healing

Restore, soothe and nourish yourself through a range of energy and spiritual healing, including Reiki Energy healing, divine feminine and masculine energy healing, womb blessings, angel energy healing, ancestral healing, and past life healing.

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& Space Healing

Heal and clear built-up energy from your house or land. Buildings and land accumulate and absorb energy over time. Whether this energy is positive or negative, it can affect you and may need to be cleared out.

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Learn & grow with like-minded people

If you’re looking for something different, a monthly membership might be for you. Every month, the group meets online for a two-hour live session. These sessions are also uploaded to a library so you can come back to them. A monthly membership gives you access to the live groups, the library, and introduces you to a community of like-minded people that are on a similar journey.

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