Self Care Tip for Anxiety

Self Care Tip for Anxiety

Self-Care Tips to Manage Anxiety

In times of change and uncertainty our fear bias tends to increase. This is a normal human response to change and uncertainty. With fear comes anxiety and stress. No one is immune to this. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to learn how to cope with it in the healthiest way possible.

Here’s one of the techniques I teach all my clients.

Step 1: Recognise that the stress, anxiety or fear is there. Acknowledge it.

Step 2: Allow yourself to feel it without any judgement. Know that you are not weak or wrong in any way for feeling a normal human emotion.

Step 3: Find an anchor to help you stay present, so that you don’t get swept up in the fear and spiral downwards into negative thoughts.

How do you find an anchor to stay present?

The easiest way to find an anchor is to connect with your Breath.

Bring All of your attention to your breath and take 3 mindful breaths. Watch/Notice/Observe each in breath and each out breath.

Step 4: Be willing to release the emotion.

Practise this technique often and it will become easier and easier.

Take Care