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Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient type of energy healing, which originates from Japan. Margaret has trained in Reiki Healing, and has found enormous benefits from it herself in recovering from and moving past emotional and energetic barriers quickly and easily. If you’re on a healing journey, Reiki might be for you.

Is Reiki Healing for you?

Reiki Healing is ideal for managing stress and anxiety and relaxing, boosting your immune system, and overall self-care and self-maintenance. Many people find that they feel deeply relaxed, have a sense of clarity, and feel more in touch with their inner selves after Reiki Healing. And Reiki Healing is easy: there’s no ‘emotional hangover’ afterwards, just quick results.

Reiki Healing basics & benefits

Reiki Healing aims to help the flow of energy to enable relaxation, transmute negative energies, and help with feeling centred and balanced. It helps promote harmony, balance and relaxation, which releases tension from the body. Reiki Healing may improve focus, quality of sleep, emotional and spiritual growth, and the ability to manage stress. Margaret Smyth practices distance healing, where Reiki is sent over many miles. All you have to do is sit somewhere comfortable, and be willing to accept the healing energy.

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Other resources to support your healing

Pre-recorded classes as well as monthly groups, held digitally, provide the practical tools, support, and additional opportunities to grow and heal with a community.

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