Psychic Attack

Psychic Attack

Psychic Attack

I recently experienced some pretty intense psychic attack. It had been occurring for a while and I had been managing it. Then the intensity suddenly increased rapidly in early April.

This attack came from dark or negative energies that were attracted to my light or increased vibration. Like moths are attracted to a light.

It was like dealing with a pest infestation, at first it seemed overwhelming and then I figured out how to deal with it.

Now that I’ve figured out how to deal with it, manage these situations and prevent them, it’s not a big deal anymore. I have a process.

Regardless of how proactive we are or are not, about raising our vibration, we are all experiencing an increase in our vibration due to the Ascension. As our vibration increases our soul’s light shines brighter. One of the few downsides is that this may result in attracting unwanted negative energies.

These negative energies need to be and can be transmuted and healed. Otherwise, if they attach to you, they will just drag down your vibration and weigh you down.

I know others, including some of my clients are having similar experiences. These negative energies will all eventually be completely transmuted and healed in the Ascension process but that may take some time.

As we continue to evolve and Ascend, learning how to manage our energy and maintain good energetic hygiene will become more important.

Here’s a few practices that may help you:


  1. Energise your Chakra’s. Starting at your root chakra, imagine you are breathing in and out of your root chakra. Do this for 3 breaths and move up to the next chakra.


  1. Know that you are a Sovereign Being and you can command any unwanted energies to detach, disengage and leave your Aura or energetic space.


  1. Set an energetic boundary around your Aura. Imagine a bubble of pure white light surrounding you and set the intention that this blocks out all negative energies.


  1. Know that these negative energies can only have a negative impact on you if you believe they can, if you believe they can’t then they can’t. Your thoughts and beliefs are that powerful. You are that powerful.


I attach a free energy healing video that you can use for daily energy clearing and healing.

Get in touch if you need further assistance.


Take care

Margaret Smyth