Past Lives & Karma

Past Lives & Karma


This summer I went through a period of what felt at the time like a never-ending process of past life healing.

The first stage was going back through all the past lives where I was a victim. I experienced being a victim of every sort of awful, horrific experience and deaths. I had to heal and reclaim these parts of my soul and reintegrate them.

This involved going back into the memories of these past life events and remembering these awful experiences and emotions. Its not fun. I don’t recommend this.

However, if it’s part of your journey, you won’t be able to avoid it.

When I had finished that and recovered, I thought I was done. There couldn’t possibly be any more past life healing to do.

How naïve!

My spiritual team then prompted me to go to other past lives. This time it was the lives where I played the opposite role. I was the abuser, murderer and monster. This was even more difficult work and healing.

This healing also required reclaiming these parts of my soul, healing them and reintegrating them.

It required accepting that I had been both monster and victim in past lives. I had been the monster in other peoples lives. This is a hard pill to swallow.

I had to understand what I had to done to others in my role as monster. However, part of the process was also to understand how I had become the monster.

This answer to this was simple – unhealed trauma. Trauma disconnects us from our soul.

Through this deep soul healing work, I came to understand Karma.

Karma is real. Karma is not something to take lightly. Karma is exacting and specific. Every single horror I experienced in my role as victim exactly matched something I had done to another in a prior life.

Healing these parts of my soul where I had been the victim and the monster required deep acceptance.  Acceptance of the dark in me and the light in me. I had to accept all of these parts of myself and love myself regardless.

It led me to understand the power of the light of my soul. The light and love of my soul was able to transmute and heal the darkness.

This is the power of unconditional love. Source, God, the Universe, Creator is pure unconditional love and our souls carry this unconditional love.

When we connect with this part of our soul we can heal and transmute any darkness. When we are disconnected from our souls then we can become the darkness.

This kind of healing is heavy duty stuff. I don’t recommend doing this alone. I know I was only able to do this with the help of my super strong spiritual team.

Get in touch if you need help with any of the above issues.

Take care

Margaret Smyth


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash