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Past Life Healing

Past life healing, also called past life regression, is a journey you take under Margaret’s guidance, while in a meditative state. It can help recover memories from past lives and support you in making sense of this life.

You may find past life healing beneficial if you experience repetitive dreams that don’t make sense, patterns in your relationships you struggle to untangle, or unexplained fears or phobias. Sometimes these can be a sign that there’s a lesson from past lives’ selves that your soul wants you to understand and heal from.

What is Past Life Healing?

Past life healing begins with entering a meditative state. From there, Margaret will help you uncover memories from past experiences, and clear any negative energy, trauma or unwanted ties to former lives.

Is Past Life Healing right for you?

Past life healing is ideal for people who are experiencing blocks or issues in their lives, without understanding where those issues come from. Bad luck, repetitive dreams, inexplicable phobias, and other persistent issues or patterns are some of the things that past life healing can help with. During your initial consultation, Margaret will help you decide if past life healing is right for you.

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Other resources to support your healing

Pre-recorded classes as well as monthly groups, held digitally, provide the practical tools, support, and additional opportunities to grow and heal with a community.

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