My Spiritual Development

My Spiritual Development


I’d say my spiritual development started 10 years ago but in the last 12 months it has taken off and gone to another level altogether.

It started when I did a mediation course 10 years ago and around the same time started therapy. Both were instrumental.

Therapy allows you to understand yourself, to understand why you are the way you are, how became this way and what factors influenced you. It allows you to understand what factors are preventing you from being your true authentic self. It facilitates you to heal and let go of all the things blocking you from your being your true self.

Meditation has many benefits one of which is developing the ability to be still and silent. In this space we can connect with our soul and the divine.

Learning Reiki was the next step for me. The word Reiki means “Life Source Energy”. Connecting to and giving myself Reiki energy healing nurtured me at every level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It was a deeper level of self care.

As I progressed I started to become aware of and listen to my intuition. My intuition guided me to courses and activities that lit me up with joy. None of them made logical sense and seemed daft and a waste of time looking at them from that left brain perspective. But they were joyful. The more I listened to my intuition and acted on it, the stronger it became. In time I realised that my intuition was my soul guiding me.

Over the years I became interested in angels. My psychic or spiritual senses became active. I read a lot of books and attended many courses and classes about developing these senses, but it always felt blocked. I realise now the time just wasn’t right.

A year ago, I learned Ancestral Healing from a Shaman. From there my spiritual development took off. I connected with my spiritual team and one of my Spirit Guides started teaching me shamanic work. Land healing, past life healing, soul retrieval etc.  After this the Angels took over giving me angelic energy attunements and healings. Following this the Star Beings stepped in again with more energy attunements and healings.

All of these new healing skills I’ve practiced on myself and benefited from. As requested, by my spiritual team I now share these skills with my clients in my healing practice.

Connecting with your soul and spiritual team is the most wonderful experience. To feel the level of love and support that is available to each of us is almost overwhelming. But in the best possible way.

I’ve started teaching others how to connect to their spiritual team so that they can connect with the immense love, wisdom and support available to them. I want everyone to experience this love and support.

Over the years I’ve learned that for me spirituality is about tuning into our soul and listening to its guidance, wisdom and love. That our soul is our true self. The more we connect with and listen to our soul, the more we will be able to express our true self in everything we do.

To me our soul is pure love. It is the part of us that is always connected to Source, God, the Universe.

Connecting to my spirituality has changed my perspective on life. It is a much more expansive,  exciting, wondrous and magical experience now.

I look forward to the exciting adventure of my never-ending spiritual development.

Take care

Margaret Smyth

Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash