Moon Mother Healing

Moon Mother Healing

How being a Moon Mother has helped me restore my femininity

I’m a Moon Mother ® and I’ve been channelling the Divine Feminine Energy in Womb Blessings & Healings over the last 1.5 years and holding a monthly Womb Blessing group for the last year.

For me this has helped me become more in tune with my feminine nature. That part of me that is connected to nature and creation itself. This feminine energy is cyclic following our menstrual cycle, the phases of the moon and the seasons of the year.

Week 1 – Crone (Menstrual Bleed) – Dark/New Moon –  Winter

Week 2 – Maiden – Waxing Cresent Moon – Spring

Week 3 – Mother – Full Moon – Summer

Week 4 – Enchantress – Waning Crescent Moon – Autumn

Tuning into this, in particular the cycle of the energy has helped me become gentler with myself. I’m not expecting myself to be always full of energy and sociable. I’m more accepting of the fact that at certain times like the week before and the week I have my period my energy is lower and it is inward focused. But the following two weeks I have naturally higher energy levels and it is externally focused.

Now that I’m aware of this it is easier for me to give myself permission to look after myself during my crone phase and to slow down. To make the most of this inward focused energy by making time to reflect on my life over the past month and to listen to my intuition. Knowing that this phase will only last a week and then my energies will naturally rise again. Becoming accustomed to the ebb and flow of these energies makes it easier to become more relaxed about change in general. This helps reduce all stress. For everything in life is always changing. Resisting change creates stress. Accepting change creates relaxation and flexibility.

Tuning in to my feminine nature has helped me become more flexible and accepting of change.

Take care

Margaret Smyth