As I started to heal my life’s accumulation of trauma, wounds and emotional baggage I started to notice that everyone else was also carrying around their own trauma, wounds and emotional baggage.

Growing up I used to hear the expression that everyone has their cross to bear. However, I have learned that we don’t have to carrying our cross/wound/baggage around with us forever. We can set it down, we can let it go. We do this by healing our wounds.

Imagine how heavy that baggage is to carry around with us day in day out. Wearing us down, draining our energy. Diminishing our ability to be present to life, to experience joy.

The old school way to deal with a wound was to carry on regardless, don’t look at the wound, don’t talk about the wound, just ignore it and carry on. I certainly tried this but it didn’t work for me and I don’t think it ever worked for anyone. It’s like you have a wound on your leg and you just put a plaster over it without cleaning it. Eventually it gets infected and starts to ooze gunk. The old school way to deal with that was to just put another bandage on it so that you can’t see it. Keep pretending it’s not there. All that happens though is that the infection gets worse and starts to spread and damages more and more of the leg and then the rest of the body. This is what happens also with our emotional wounds. If we don’t heal them, the negativity starts to grow and become more and more toxic to the whole person, affecting not just their emotions, but their thoughts, their body and their ability to connect with their soul/spirit. It affects their whole being and every aspect of their life.

In order to heal our wounds though we must examine them. We must remove all the layers we had covered our wounds up with. Look at and acknowledge our wounds and clean our wounds with love and compassion.

This healing process involves what is called shadow work. Bringing the light of our consciousness to the dark of our unconscious self. To all the parts of us that we have pushed away and hidden from ourselves. This is all part of the healing process.

To me though the most fundamental part of healing involves feeling our emotions. Nothing can be truly healed without feeling the emotions around it. Yes I think it’s important to understand things at an intellectual level but this alone does not heal. We must do the really scary work of feeling all of our emotions. This is the part that we have run away from. This is the part that terrifies us the most. This is the bit that we have probably put in a lot of effort to avoid. But it is only when we face the emotions and allow ourselves to feel them that we can really heal.

Healing can be hard core, messy and painful especially if we try to do it alone. There’s so much help and support out there for us. It’s unnecessary to do this healing work alone. I regularly get help, support and training in my journey of healing, growing and evolving. It makes all the difference. It makes the journey easier and lighter.

In turn I try to bring this ease and lightness with me to help my clients on their journey.


Take care

Margaret Smyth