Healing the Divine Masculine

Healing the Divine Masculine

I’ve been channelling the Divine Masculine lately and it’s become clearer to me that we do need collectively to heal our relationship to the Divine Masculine.

This in part means to recognise and acknowledge the healthy traits/characteristics of Masculine energy and how we are already using them. Sometimes when we are used to something we start to take it for granted and don’t notice it.

Some of the words that come to mind that describe the traits of Masculine energy are:

Structure, Focus, Drive, Planning,

Action, Routine, Analysis, Love,

Protectiveness, Goals, Systems, Purpose,

Self Responsible, Honest, Direct,

Gentle, Progress, Support, Self-Discipline.

We are all using these traits/energies to different degrees in in different areas of our lives. We all have these Masculine energies available to us. They are inherent in us. We can develop them as much as we want or need to. We develop them by putting them into action, by using them.

We need to recognise and celebrate this part of us. If we each do this work individually, the knock on effect is that the collective becomes healed and whole.

Take care

Margaret Smyth