Healing the Barriers to Love

Healing the Barriers to Love

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi

I love this quote.

To me my own healing and my work with clients is all about removing the barriers to love. These barriers tend to be all our hurts and wounds that have accumulated in our life. They seem to collect and get stuck around our heart space. Blocking our heart space.

Then we go and build layers of protection around our wounds so that nothing can bump up against them or trigger them. This leads to even more barriers built up around our heart space. Blocking the flow of love from us and to us.

When I am healing myself or helping clients heal it is really about removing these layers of protection and then tending to the wounds and healing them. Removing the blockages in our heart space. The natural outcome of this work is that the love that was always within us and around us can start to flow again. To us and from us.

My understanding is that our souls sit in our heart space. This is the place where we access our soul. The heart space is like a portal to our soul. When we have cleared our heart space of all the layers of protection and hurts we can access our soul with ease. The light of our soul can shine out of us without interference. We become reconnected to our soul.

I believe our soul is who we really are, it came here to experience this human life, to create and to express itself. As we heal our heart and restore that connection to our soul, our soul is then able to express itself with more clarity through us. This is what healing is really about for me.

As more and more people heal themselves and build a stronger connection with their heart and soul, the world automatically becomes a more loving soulful place.

Take care

Margaret Smyth