Healing our Feminine and Masculine Energy

Healing our Feminine and Masculine Energy

In my Women’s group last night, we were working with our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine. The purpose of this work is to create a harmonious relationship between our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine.

In the course of the evenings work the Inner Feminine in all of us had pretty much the same message. If we listen to and engage with her, she can help make our lives easier.

The Inner Masculine in each of us also had a similar message. It essentially said that it was tired of us over-relying on our masculine energy. It wanted us to engage with our Inner Feminine for support.

If we each have an inner support team of an Inner Feminine and an Inner Masculine, then we should engage with both of these resources and not just one.

The key points were:

  1. Bring both your Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine to work every day
  2. Involve them both in every aspect of your everyday life
  3. Your Inner Masculine needs and wants your Inner Feminine to be more involved
  4. Give your Inner Feminine the recognition she deserves, praise her and celebrate her.


Take care,

Margaret Smyth


Photo by Aniket Bhattacharya on Unsplash