God’s Love – Part 2

God’s Love – Part 2

This post follows on from the last post about God’s love.

An issue that came up for me in my own healing and has come up for my clients is a sense of not deserving love and abundance. A sense of not being worthy.

After clearing out and healing all my current lifetimes wounds and limiting beliefs, I still had this lingering sense of not being worthy and deserving of love and support.  It turned out that my soul had been holding onto a memory from past lifetimes, where I had made mistakes. As a result, out of shame I had turned away from God. I punished myself and said that I must make up for these mistakes by myself and I will not ask God for help. I believed that I did not deserve his help.

My Guides and Angels have explained to me that it is not God who judges us at the end of each lifetime, it is our own Soul. Our Soul carries out a life review and plans our next incarnation.

I have now let go of that sense of unworthiness. I turned back to God. I reached out to God and God said “at last”.

For some time, I wasn’t comfortable contacting God directly, so I spoke and asked for help through his Angels. Now I’m comfortable contacting God directly.

God wants us to know, that he’s always there for us when we’re ready to reach out to him. In the meantime, if we’re more comfortable contacting his Angels that’s ok too.

God wants us to know, that we are not bothering him or being greedy when we ask for help.

God wants us to know, that he wants us to ask for his help, that we can’t ask too much of him. There is no limit to his help.


Take care,

Margaret Smyth