Feminine & Masculine Energy

Feminine & Masculine Energy

What is feminine & masculine energy?

All women and men have a combination of Feminine (Yin) and Masculine (Yang) energy. But what do they look like. A very simple description of both energies are:

Feminine Energy: Feeling, intuiting, being, passive, receiving, creating, nurturing, inward focused.

Masculine Energy: Doing, thinking, analysing, decision making, leading, giving, protective, outward focused.

We all have access to these energies and we make use of them all day every day to varying degrees. We need to use both energies in our lives in different amounts at different times in different situations.

Sometimes we will use more of one energy than the other. This may be true for different phases of our lives too. The important thing is to know that both are available to us to use as required. Like a set of ingredients from which we can make different meals.

One of the ways I think about these energies is that my feminine energy allows me to be in the receptive space to receive inspiration. I then use my masculine energies to take the action required to create based on my inspiration.

Another way I think of these energies is like they are a pair of muscles. To work well and in balance both muscles need to be developed and active. If one muscle is used more than the other, they become out of balance. One muscle becomes overused, worn out and damaged. This is not good for either muscle in the pair.

For me I want my feminine and masculine energies to be well developed so that I can access and make use of both as required with ease. The energy that I use least will require more effort to access. I don’t want to have put in enormous effort to access one or the other. Therefore I am consciously developing both and keeping both active.

Take care

Margaret Smyth