Feeling Blocked in Life

Feeling Blocked in Life

How do you know if you’ve been affected by Trauma?

Any memories that still have a high negative emotional reaction could be caused by Trauma. Are you feeling blocked in progressing your life to where you want it to be? Is there something holding you back? Is there one or more areas of your life that just don’t work no matter how hard you try to make it work?

These are some of the experiences of my clients. When I work with my clients through the presenting issue we tend to find a link to a deep seated Trauma. Sometimes that Trauma is not obvious and even as the client mentions it they are ready to dismiss it as an issue. Often the Trauma seems minor to the adult client because it relates to something that happened in their childhood. Looking at it from the adult perspective it doesn’t seem like a big deal but to the child it happened to it was a big deal and that Trauma is still sitting there waiting to be healed.

Living in struggle is not necessary. As a Certified Havening Techniques ® Practitioner, I help clients heal all kinds of Trauma quickly and easily.

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