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Equine Assisted Learning

This program is uniquely designed to develop self-awareness and interpersonal skills. You will be in an arena with a horse and your coach. There is no horse riding involved. You will be taken through exercises which stem from non-verbal communication with the horse in order to develop your self awareness. 

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Equine assisted learning helps develop your nonverbal communication skills as well as your awareness of the energy you’re putting out into the world, and how you perceive communication from others. It can also help with confidence, trust and empathy, problem-solving skills, and impulse control/self regulation.

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How Equine Assisted Learning works

You will be welcomed into an arena with a horse, and may be asked to engage in activities such as grooming, feeding and leading a horse. You will not have to ride the horse. The session is about developing nonverbal communication and self awareness. These sessions are not about horsemanship. Margaret will be with you to guide and support you throughout the session.

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