Energy Update

Energy Update


Some very beautiful and very high frequency energy started coming through today.

This energy holds the frequency of unconditional love, group consciousness and holds the highest vision for earth.

This energy will help us reconnect to and heal our soul and it will help us balance our feminine and masculine energies.

This energy is going to continue streaming in. So we can expect big jumps in the collective consciousness. This is healing energy. However, as part of healing and shifting in consciousness we will become aware of all the dense energy we are carrying, individually and collectively. Without awareness we cannot heal or change anything. The healing process involves looking at and feeling all the dense energy we are carrying. This allows us to process it and transform it.

This dense energy is all our traumas, wounds, limiting beliefs, fears, old survival/coping methods and old ways of being.

With all of this change going on there are some things we can do to help ourselves adjust to this high frequency energy. My guides recommend the following:

-We practice extra grounding exercises or techniques.

-We regularly practice cutting negative cords or ties between us and anyone else. I work with Archangel Michael to do this.

-We place protection around ourselves to protect our energies. I’m working with the pure white light of Archangel Gabriel at the moment.

I’ll put up separate posts over the weekend on these techniques.

Enjoy the energies and take care of yourselves.

Margaret Smyth


Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash