ENERGY UPDATE – 24 May 2021

ENERGY UPDATE – 24 May 2021

ENERGY UPDATE – 24 May 2021

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are receiving a massive amount of new High Vibrational energies at the moment.

The Pleiades Star Beings are working closely with us at this time. They are helping us integrate these new energies and showering us with love and support.

Throughout May there has been nonstop solar flares and the intensity of this has increased over the last few days. This is all part of the Ascension process. We have never before experienced times like this. This is a time to relax and go with the flow. Get comfortable with change and uncertainty.

Try not to be rigid with yourself or any of your plans. Allow yourself to change and allow your plans to change.

We are coming into the 3 day window of this month’s Full Moon on 26 May, which is a supermoon and a total lunar eclipse.

On the New Moon 10 June we will have a solar eclipse. This is followed by the Summer Solstice on 21 June.

The energies are going to be hectic and intense in this period.

It’s a lot for our human bodies to cope with. They are doing so much. Integrating new energies, processing and releasing old energies. Plus they’re getting on with their day job of breathing, breaking down nutrients, healing, repairing etc.

Ask your body what it needs, how you can support it. Know that its needs may change from moment to moment, day to day.  Last week my body only wanted salads, this week it wants protein, protein, protein. Your body knows what it needs, listen to it.

Don’t be surprised if you feel extra emotional over these few weeks. As we’re releasing old energies, old, repressed emotions will come up to the surface to be consciously processed and released. Give yourself time and space to do this. Get some extra help if you need it.

Get plenty of rest.

Drinks lots of water.

Be gentle with yourself.

Slow down.


Focus on each now moment.


Take care,

Margaret Smyth

Photo by Christine Tutunjian on Unsplash