Effects of Trauma

Effects of Trauma

What are the Effects of Trauma?

Living in a state of high alert, needing to know what’s happening next, all the time – what the plan for the day is, needing to be in control/in charge. Not being able to relax fully. Needing to keep yourself busy even on holidays.

These are some of the effects of Trauma. Once you’ve experienced Trauma your body goes into fight and flight mode. Your body can end up in fight and flight mode for a long time. You might be so used to this that you don’t even notice. But you’ve probably had people tell you that you need to relax or that you’re a control freak.

Maybe you know somethings not quite right but you don’t know what.

This is how I used to live until I healed my Trauma. Now I help clients to uncover Traumas from their past and heal them permanently. As a Certified Havening Techniques ® Practitioner, I help clients heal all kinds of Trauma quickly and easily.

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