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Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy Healing

Each of us carries masculine and feminine energies within us. These aren’t necessarily in line with our understanding of gender constructs; rather, they represent different energy that we all carry within us, regardless of gender or sex. And when these energies are out of balance, they can cause disharmony in our lives.

What are the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Energy?

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are aspects of the Divine, Source, Universe, or God.  Feminine energy helps us get more in touch with our intuition, creativity, and emotions. When we are ruled too much by our feminine energy, we may become overly dependent on others for support. Masculine energy, on the other hand, is assertive, focused, and contained.  When we lean into our masculine energy too much, we can tend to feel disconnected from ourselves and others and feel a sense of loneliness.

Energy Healing basics & benefits

Developing a balance and being able to bring ourselves back to balance is essential. Healing sessions with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine can help you find that balance. During these healing sessions, you will learn to recognise and balance the energies within yourself. This gives us a healthier perspective of ourselves and the world and helps us to create more harmony in ourselves and our lives.

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