Just a quick update on some big energy dates this month:

12 December – Divine Feminine Energy portal or influx of energies coming into the earth plane

14 December – New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse

21 December – Winter Solstice, The Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius and a solar flash

25 December – Christmas day & a portal for an inflow of Christ Consciousness (heart healing)

There is a lot of high frequency cosmic energies/light energy pouring into the earth plane this month with peaks on each of these dates. The biggest energy shift will be 21 December.

This is all part of the Ascension of the Earth and Humanity moving from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimension consciousness. 5th Dimension consciousness is unity consciousness, collaboration and working together to create a better world.

We won’t be fully in 5th Dimension consciousness on 22 December but we will be much closer.

Those of us who are sensitive to the energies have been, consciously or unconsciously, keeping a low profile and slowing down the pace of life in preparation of these times. These are extra ordinary times.

Depending where you are on your own personal ascension path you may or may not notice these energies.

Just know that there’s a lot going on energetically and your physical body, mental body, emotional body, spiritual/energy body are integrating all these new high frequency energies and it can be tough going.

You may or may not experience the usual Ascension symptoms – tiredness, brain fog, feeling physically unwell, extra emotional, changes to appetite and sleep etc. Try not to judge yourself for any of these experiences.

This high frequency energy will be flushing out and transmuting old negative energy. However, this may mean that old memories and emotions are brought up to your conscious awareness in order for you to participate in the final healing/transmuting of these issues. If you need help, get help.

Try to be as gentle as possible with yourself. Take it easy, lower your expectations for your creativity or productivity this month and get as must rest as possible. Reduce all non-essential activities and increase your down time and rest time.

You are going through dramatic yet subtle energetic changes. This is not a time for doing, it is a time for being.

The only thing to approach with a “Hard Core” attitude this month is Rest. Deep Rest.

Listen to your body and your intuition and allow them to guide you to the form of self-care you need most in each now moment.

If you can, spend some time every day, dreaming in the kind of world you would like to see come into being. Dream big. Heaven on Earth is possible.

Get in touch if you need any help during this time.

Take care

Margaret Smyth


Photo by Taylor Leopold on Unsplash