Crisis & Opportunity

Crisis & Opportunity

Crisis & Opportunity – 25 March 2020

This COVID-19 virus has created a crisis that affects every member of society in every country.

Besides the obvious health risks it is affecting us all economically and financially. No country, no business sector and no individual is exempt from this risk.

This will cause all us massive disruption. It will be difficult for everyone. For every business and every stakeholder of every business.

We are at the start of a global reorganisation.

Sometimes Crisis and Disruption brings opportunities.

Maybe this is an opportunity for us all to rethink how we are living, working and creating. How we interact with and affect each other. How we interact with and affect this planet.

Maybe this is an opportunity to reconsider our values. An opportunity to reconsider how we design and run our lives, families, businesses, organisations, governments and societies.

Take Care