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Healing Made Easy – Trauma Healing

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This is a recorded healing session where I will guide you through a technique to heal trauma. The technique I use in this course is Havening Techniques.

This is not a course to train you as a Havening Practitioner. This is not an in depth course on Trauma. It is a guided healing session that you can do in your own time, at home, in privacy. I am sharing enough information to allow it to make sense and hopefully not so much information to overwhelm you.

In this course, I am focusing on 2 categories of trauma’s. A specific one off event and something that occurred more than once like bullying or panic attacks.

The purpose of this course is to facilitate you to heal any traumatic event or memory that is still causing you distress. The intention is to allow you to use this process in the comfort of your own home and in privacy. You can repeat as often as you find necessary.

My aim is to make this healing available to whoever needs it and to make it affordable and easy to work with. I know that not everyone can afford a one to one session. And I know that not everyone is comfortable going to a therapist and talking about highly sensitive personal issues.

Though I, my clients and many others around the world, have found this particular technique to be an extremely powerful and easy way to heal trauma, it won’t work for everyone. We are all highly individual and unique. There is more than one way to solve a problem or heal an issue. There are many healing modalities out and available in the world. I am sharing the ones that have worked for me and my clients.

Healing often happens in layers, stages and phases. It may be that you will need to use this technique more than once to completely clear your trauma. There is nothing wrong with this, it doesn’t mean it’s not working. Sometimes it’s best for the healing to happen in layers, so that we don’t become overwhelmed by all the changes.

This is for anyone who has experienced a traumatic event that when they recall it, the memory causes them distress. This process works for a specific traumatic event, for phobia’s and panic attacks.

However, I recommend contacting a Havening Techniques practitioner to make a one to one appointment if you have complex Trauma.


What is a traumatic event:

A traumatic event could be any of the following:

  • A threat to your life
  • A threat to your safety
  • A sudden loss of a loved one
  • A medical diagnosis of serious illness for yourself or a loved one
  • A loss of reputation