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Healing Made Easy – Emotional Healing

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In this guided healing session I’m going to guide you through a process to easily release negative emotions.

This is like emotional decluttering.

This is the easy way to release negative emotions that have been sitting within us.

Part of being a human being means that we are all going to experience the full range of human emotions. The positive and the negative. There is nothing wrong with any of the emotions but we have classified them into two groups positive and negative.

When we refer to positive emotions these are really the comfortable emotions. The ones we call negative are uncomfortable. There is nothing wrong with feeling any of them. They are all healthy and all part of the human experience.

However, because we are uneducated about our emotions and we don’t know how to process them we tend to have problems with our emotions. When we experience negative emotions we assume that there’s something wrong with us, we shouldn’t be feeling these emotions. So we try to supress them/push them away or ignore them. This leads to us supressing a lot of negative emotions, which start to build up within us.

This accumulation of negative emotions can cause us difficulties. It can trigger unhelpful behaviours, behaviours to avoid being triggered, shutting down our emotions/awareness of them, affects our choices and decisions, weigh us down, drains our energy, causes us health problems.

The purpose of this guided healing session is to guide you through a process to easily release these negative emotions.

The technique I’m going to use is EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping which is the easiest and most effective way that I have found so far to release negative emotions.

In this process it is not necessary for you to become emotional in order for the emotional release to occur.