Changing My Perspective on Weight Loss

Changing My Perspective on Weight Loss

Changing My Perspective on Weight Loss

A year ago, a health issue popped up that was connected to my weight. This reminded me that I needed to lose weight.

At that time when I looked at my body I felt some shame and disgust about how much weight I had gained. I knew something had to be done about it and somewhat urgently as it was affecting my health.

However, anytime I thought about changing my diet and starting an exercise plan I couldn’t bring myself to start it. My thoughts kept coming back to a place of force. That I would have to force myself to eat healthy and restrict my diet. That I would have to force myself to exercise.

The level of force, self-discipline or willpower that I would have needed felt uncomfortable, it felt harsh and mean.

I knew intellectually from all my healing work that using force and shaming myself into exercising was not the right way to approach it. It felt so unloving.

I refused to speak to myself or treat myself in such a harsh unloving way. I refused to “should” myself or use fear based thinking to make this change. I knew that when I eventually, would do the healthy eating and exercising I wanted it to come from a place of love. So that I would exercise because I loved my body and wanted to give it what it needed and was asking for.

But I wasn’t at that place yet where I was feeling this kind of love towards my body. This led me practising looking and talking to my body differently. I started practising telling my body that I loved and accepted it as it was. I started telling my body how much I appreciated everything it did for me every day.

Almost exactly a year later, the same health issue popped up and reminded me I still needed to lose that extra weight. But this time I was ready to do it from a place of love.

It now feels like an act of love to my body to look after it properly, to exercise it and to give it the foods that nourish it.

Now it feels exciting to make an exercise plan and see how my body reacts to it over time. I feel like I’m now working in partnership with my body so that we can experience being radiantly healthy and full of energy.

I’m now enjoying my exercise routine. It feels joyous and like a celebration of my body.

I hope sharing this shift in my perspective about my body and exercising, shifting from fear and shame to love and acceptance, helps someone else.

Take care

Margaret Smyth