The year ahead is going to be filled with change. Change at every level for every one of us.

Good change. These changes will bring improvements for all of us. These changes may be difficult and messy to live through but they will bring improvements.

My guides were explaining that these changes are going to be similar to the type of changes we go through when we are moving house. The house move is a good thing, we’re happy we are moving to a nicer, better house. Its an exciting time. But it’s also a stressful time. There’s lots of effort involved. A lot of mess and disturbance is created in moving house. We have to go through all our possessions and consider whether we want to bring them with us into our future house. Or whether we want to let them go. Are they fit to be recycled or repurposed. Ideally, we’ll take the Marie Kondo approach and look at each possession with love and gratitude and consider whether it sparks joy. Then we have to pack everything up. Move to the new house and unpack. In the unpacking we look again at everything we brought with us and consider if it has a place in the new house and where it is best placed.

So many of us find change and uncertainty so difficult and stressful. We can learn to become more relaxed about change by tuning into nature. Nature and the seasons of the year shows us that change is constant.

Nature doesn’t resist change. It flows effortlessly with change. We too can learn to flow with change. It is only our resistance that makes change stressful.


Take care

Margaret Smyth