Ascension Update – 18 March 2021

Ascension Update – 18 March 2021


We are moving through this Ascension at a rapid pace now.

We have the support of all the Heavens at this time. There is a network of support gathered around us from high vibrational Galactic and Angelic Beings.

These Galactic Beings assisting us have all been through this phase of the Ascension process already. They are here with us now to support us.

There are incredible and miraculous shifts taking place every moment. These are so big and foundational that we cannot see them. The very fabric of our world is changing around us. Some of us can feel or sense these changes even when we don’t understand what these feelings mean.

If you have a plan for how your life should be going right now and its now working out, don’t worry it’s not you. Try to let go of making anything happen right now and just do what you can in each moment. There is too much change occurring to try and predict or plan too far ahead right now.

Adapting and flowing with all the change is the only way to live at this time.


Take care,

Margaret Smyth