Eventually, Source did heal and transmute these Creator Beings. They became pure again. In Earth time, this was around 2000 years ago.

Because light/information/energy travels through space at a certain speed, the old corrupt energies of these Creator Beings was and is still flowing down to Earth, even after their core had been purified. This pure energy is also flowing to Earth.

In order to let humanity know that this change and purification had occurred, they sent a messenger to Earth. As though sent back in time, Jesus Christ came to tell us we had ben saved. 2000 Earth years later we are starting to catch up with this. We are getting ready for this new energy that is flowing to us.

The Ascension is about Earth preparing to receive this new healed and pure energies. This will allow the vibration of the Earth and Humanity to rise from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimension.

The Ascension is not just about Earth it is also about the purification of the universe.

Our souls are a stream of energy operating on a spectrum/channel. Our human’s soul in the human physical form retreats on the death of our physical body to our soul monad, which exists in the 7th Dimension. we know of this place as Heaven. Above that our Soul monad and soul energy connects to our Higher Self. All human’s higher self exists in the 11th Dimension.

Based on my current understanding, there are 26 Dimensions. To date in Human time, all Dimensions from 26th to 6th Dimension have been healed and purified. However, in the course of this healing, higher dimensional entities and creations fled from their dimensions and came to our dimension to escape purification, which to them may have seemed like death but also to continue their old corrupt ways.


Every human alive today has incarnated from a pure higher self and knew exactly what they were getting into as they came back to Earth.

The “lightworkers” here on Earth at this time, have incarnated here with a specific mission, that they volunteered for. The mission was to come back and help prepare the way for the new healed energies to be anchored into Earth. These energies coming into Earth will purify us and raise our vibration bringing it back up to 5th Dimension.

At a simple level the lightworkers mission is to purify themselves as an individual. We do this by healing our human stuff and making space in our being to hold higher vibration light/energy. This raises our vibration. This higher vibration ripples out around us and affects the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. This makes it easier for other humans to connect to this energy.

In one sense all humans alive at this time are lightworkers. We are all playing our unique individual part. At the human 3rd Dimension level of consciousness, it may not seem like everyone is playing their part. But this is because we are just not able to understand how it all works, yet.


My intention in sharing this information is only to follow my Guides request. I have no intention of convincing anyone of anything.

In the databank of your Soul you already know all Truths.

This post may awaken your inner knowing and bring information from your Soul to your conscious awareness.


Photo by Shihao Mei on Unsplash