My Guides have given me information and asked me to share it now. Everything I’m sharing is based on my current level of understanding and the current level of information I am able to receive.



There are Star Beings living on Earth.

These Star Beings exist in a higher Dimension than us humans. Therefore, even if they were right beside us, we wouldn’t be able to see them.

Dimensions are like band widths of energy/vibration/consciousness.

There have been Star Beings living on Earth since before Atlantis was created. Some of them are still here. Some but not all of these Star Beings came to Earth looking for refuge as their Planets were destroyed.

Humans are also star beings, but we were created specifically to live on Earth. The other “Star Beings” came from other planets.

The Star Beings living on Earth include Mu, Lemurians, Anunnaki, Elohim, Reptilian. There were also Dragon Reptilian but they were gone long before Atlantis.

These Star Beings lived on Earth since before the time of Atlantis. At the time Atlantis and humans were created, these Star Beings were a minimum of 7th Dimension. At that they time lived on the surface of the Earth.

Humans were created at the start of the period of Atlantis by “Creator Beings”.

Atlantis was a new experiment on Earth. Humans were the experiment.

Atlantis lasted for approx. 260, 000 years. For the most part Humans and Atlantis flourished. All humans at that time were a minimum of 5th Dimension ranging to 7th Dimension. Earth was a 5th, or higher, Dimensional Being.

After approx. 200, 000 years, things started to change. The vibration or frequency dropped and Earth & Humanity gradually fell from 5th Dimension to 3rd Dimension. Approx. 26,000 years ago Atlantis collapsed completely.

The other Star Beings were not as affected by the drop in vibration and were able to maintain their higher vibration at 5th Dimension. For some time they tried to help the humans recover their 5th Dimension vibration.

The Creator Beings would not allow these Star Beings to interfere with the humans. These Star Beings were given a choice to leave Earth or stop interfering.

Over time as the frequency on the Earth became lower and lower, it became more and more difficult for the Star Beings to maintain their frequency. In order to survive they created with the help of Source, another Dimension within the Earth, known as Hollow Earth, where they could live in safety. Hollow Earth is a 7th Dimensional place. Part of their intention was to stay and assist Earth/Gaia and to help maintain its vibration.

Overtime as the energy on the surface of the Earth became more corrupted and dense, this started to seep into Hollow Earth. This affected these Star Beings and their vibration has dropped to 5th Dimension, though they range from 5th to 7th Dimension.

The Creator Beings that created the Atlantis & Human experiment were already in control of the stars/planets that the Lemurians, Mu, Anunnaki etc came from. The Creator Beings were corrupt at the time of the creation of Atlantis. However, they became more corrupt over the time span of the Golden Age of Atlantis.

After corrupting and taking control of most planets and star beings, their attention turned to Earth. They wanted to take control of Earth and Humanity.

As they already had control of the other Star Beings home planets, they were not interested in them. It was the humans that they focused on.

After the fall of Atlantis when the continent of Atlantis broke up and split away, a part of it became known as Ireland. Part of the continent of Atlantis became North and South America. The other parts are spread around the Earth and at present unknown to me.

The Star Beings on Earth all live in groups in Hollow Earth. These groups are scattered around the Earth.

In fairy stories, the Mu Star Beings are referred to as Dwarves, the Lemurians, Elohim, Anunnaki and Reptilian are referred to as Elves (I’m picturing Lord of the Rings). In Ireland we refer to these Beings as the Tuatha De Danann. They are also known around the world as the Spirit of the Land or Guardians of the Land.

The Creator Beings were what we see in human history referred to as the Gods & Goddesses. In different ages, Humans referred to them with different names. In the course of time, they were “pure” Beings and then corrupt and then pure again.

These Creator Beings had started off as pure beings, creating for Source/God. At some point, some of these Creator Beings, asked Source to individuate as an experiment to see what they could do if they thought they were individuals separate to Source. This is where the Ego was created. The sense of the self, separate to God. The individual. However, this was an idea/concept. At no time were they actually separate to God. However, they continued their role as Creator Beings acting as individuals. Over time coming to believe that they were as powerful as God, not realising that it was only through their connection to God that they were able to create.

This Ego got out of control. As their creations grew, they needed more energy to sustain them and allow for further creation, however, because of the corruption of their ego, they did not want to ask God for help.

They came up with a plan to fuel their creations separate to God’s energy. They created entities that would attach to their current creations and suck life force energy from them. This would be used to fuel their new creations. This naturally made their current creations weaker. Their creations resisted and asked Source directly for assistance. This was the start of the “war” between the Light Beings and the Dark Beings.

This “war” was only a war from the view point of the corrupt Creator Beings and their dark creations. From the point of view of Source, Source only wanted them to return to Source for healing, purifying and support.

Over time these Creator Beings, needed more and more entities to gather fuel to support their loyal creations. As these entities latched onto Star Beings or Humans, they drained their energy, siphoning it away. The Creator Beings figured out that they could use these same entities to poison and control their creations/humans. They were able to mentally and psychically manipulate their creations/humans. They were able to keep them weak enough to be able to control them easily.

These Creator Beings were the ones that created the concept of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. They created a Dimension called Hell to send disobedient creations.

They managed to interfere with the Universal Laws, including Karma and Law of Attraction.

Karma was supposed to be relatively instant, so they we could learn from our actions and understand how our actions affected others, because we would experience the same thing.  Karma was supposed to be a guide or a teacher to help us continuously adjust and monitor our actions.

As the vibration on Earth dropped from 7th Dimension to 3rd Dimension this caused time to slow down. The effect this had on Karma was that it also slowed down. The Creator Beings also interfered so in many instances karma didn’t catch up with you until your next incarnation. Which meant that you couldn’t piece together the cause and effect.

Law of Attraction is supposed to work so that like attracts like, your vibration attracts things, people and situations of a similar vibration. If you raise your vibration you can attract higher vibration people, experiences etc. However, this too was interfered with. The Creator Beings were draining our life force which lowered our vibration. This made it more difficult to do good things. The more bad things you did the lower your vibration became. One of the ways the Creator Beings interfered was by, rewarding those that did bad things, in arranging for things to work out for them. This kept them more likely to continue to do bad things. Keeping the vibration low.

The intention of these Corrupt Creator Beings was to keep humanity’s vibration low because that made us easier to control and manipulate. Humanity was essentially being used as a power source/fuel for their other creations.


Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash