Ascension Symptoms

Ascension Symptoms


Ascension symptoms include: brain fog, tiredness, headaches, changes in sleep patters or appetite, vivid dreams, increased sensitivities, ears ringing, emotional upheaval, memory loss etc.

Ascension symptoms are caused by the contrast between the higher frequency energies our spiritual energy body is integrating and the lower frequency energy that our mental, emotional and physical bodies are vibrating at.

The Ascension refers to the increase in the consciousness of humanity. The Ascension has been ongoing for some time but has increased rapidly in the last year. This quickening in the Ascension will continue for some years.

In order to relieve our Ascension symptoms, we need to raise the frequency or vibration of our mental, emotional and physical body.

We raise our vibration by taking better care of ourselves and improving our self-care or self-love.

Doing things that improve our wellbeing and make us feel good physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually are all ways to raise our vibration.

If we have ascension symptoms it is a sign that we need to improve our self-care.

Listen to your body, your intuition/gut feelings for guidance as to what particular form of self-care you need most in each moment. Know that it will change from moment to moment.

Ask your Angels for help and guidance. They will speak to you through your intuition/gut feelings and they will give you signs.  These signs could come from anywhere: the radio, an advert, an article, something a friend says to you. You’ll know it’s a sign if you get a feeling or knowing that comes with the message. They will also send the same message to you repeatedly.

If you’re not sure whether you’re getting a sign or message from your Angels, use your discernment. What kind of feeling are you getting about it? Is it an uplifting feeling or not. Do some research. Your angels will never advise you to do anything that will harm you or another. For example, if you’re getting a message to take a particular vitamin or mineral supplement. Do some research to make sure its safe.

The Ascension is an ongoing process.  Therefore, you will need to continually revise and improve your self-care. Your vibration can change from moment to moment and as a result your self-care may need to change from moment to moment.


Take care

Margaret Smyth