Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing is about healing your Ancestors who have died but not crossed over. Their souls can end up stuck on this earth plane which is not where they are supposed to be. They can end up hanging around us like an energetic cloud. However this is not helpful for them or for us. Clouds after all block the light. This can affect us in very subtle but significant ways.

There are various reasons why they may not have crossed over and become stuck. It could be due to a traumatic or sudden death, due to their unhealed life experiences or other reasons. Either way this is not a good situation for them, for us or for the collective.

When I facilitate Ancestral Healing it allows the souls to heal and cross over, re-join their healthy ancestors and continue their soul’s journey.

I often hear a cheer from the Ancestors on completion of the healing and feel their love and gratitude for my client’s participation in their healing.

In the space/land healing I also work to heal any souls that are earthbound and attached to a particular house/building or land and assist them to cross over.

I love to hear the feedback from clients on the changes that have taken place following this healing. Some have noticed very obvious immediate results, one client updated me a month after her healing to say that her mother had lost a lot of weight without any effort. Others effects are more subtle.

One result I noticed after my own ancestral healing was that I made the decision to let go of my Accountancy career so that I could focus on my healing practice. My grandfather who died long before I was born, had been a business man and entrepreneur and had gone bust at one time. He died before he was able to bring his new business to a satisfactory level of success. I remember hearing this story as a teenager and feeling a strong connection with him. I knew that I was like him and would one day have my own business. Then I totally forgot about him but ended up in business as an accountant. Along the way I ended up getting into healing work and knew immediately this was my soul’s purpose. However, I still found it very difficult to let go of my accountancy career and go full time into my healing practice. Then within 4 months of my own Ancestral healing I was able to relatively easily make the decision to let go of my accountancy career. It took a further 10 months though before I made the connection. I had zero awareness previously that my grandfather’s baggage was affecting me and feeding into the feeling I had that I “had to” make a success of my accountancy career.

Take care

Margaret Smyth