A Word from God – Part 4

A Word from God – Part 4


“You are co creating this new world with me

Use this opportunity well

Be deliberate

Dream big

Imagine what a world filled with love and all its expressions looks like

Together we can create it

Let’s have fun

Let joy be a part of this process

Let’s be light and carefree

Let’s stretch ourselves and our imaginations to the highest brightest possibilities

Let go of all restrictions in your thinking

There is no problem I cannot solve

This is not the time to play small

Dream big

Everything is there for the asking

Don’t hold back in asking for all the good

Ask for all your needs, wants, desires and imaginings to be met

Ask for world peace

Ask for vital, vibrant health and wellbeing for all beings

Ask for abundance for all beings

I am waiting for your requests

This is the time to ask”


Take care,

Margaret Smyth