A Message from The Earth/Gaia

A Message from The Earth/Gaia

Children, you have all you need to create all that you want.

You do not need to mine, dig or drill. I do not like it. It is not necessary. I am asking you to stop.

You have all the materials you need. And you have that which you have already taken from me. You have your waste materials too. You must learn to follow natures example reuse, recycle, repurpose. Nature shows you over and over again how to do this. Pay attention, watch and learn. You are not paying attention.

Nature will teach you all that you need to know to create all that you need. Pay attention.

Nature breaks down waste material, like fallen leaves and recycles it as it decomposes into fertiliser to nurture the soil. Pay attention.

Pay attention to nature. Diversity equals abundance. Unending abundance. And balance.

Clean up the mess you have made, tidy it up. Show some respect. You have been given all you have freely. Show some respect and appreciation. Nature is inherently beautiful, follow this example and make your home beautiful.

Clean up the waters. Stop your pollution. Take care of your home. Take care of all my creatures.

I am going through a change, an energetic shift, a rise in vibration. So are you.

I am changing and I will be ok. But you will need to adapt and adjust to these changes.

I want more trees, replace what you have taken. Replace the trees. The trees hold everything together, the soil, water, climate.

More Trees will make this change I am going through easier for me and for you. Plant more trees. Many, many trees, forests. Trees are critical. I am asking for more Trees. Help me.

There is enough of all that you need for all of you. There is more than enough, there is an abundance. Stop wasting the abundance.

You can reverse the damage you have made, you can undo all the harm. You can help nature to recover and flourish. You must do this. You need to do this. Your survival depends on it.

You must learn how to live in harmony with nature. Look at nature and learn how to do this.

Some of you have already learned this. Some of you never forgot.

You must make space for all of my creatures. You must learn to share this home with all my creatures. They are all there by design. Take care of all my creatures. You are not more special than any of my other creatures.

You are loved, taken care of and provided for in all ways. Follow this example and take care of all beings, all creatures and your home.

Share the love.

Look at the beauty of nature and feel the love. Enjoy your food and feel the love. Enjoy the comfort of your shelters and feel the love. Look at the beauty and diversity of your people, nature and all the creatures and feel the love. Know that all this has been provided for you with love.

You are so very, very loved, all of you. Share the love.

A Message from the Earth/Gaia channelled by Margaret Smyth 8 March 2020

Please share this message.

Take care

Margaret Smyth