A Message from the Divine Feminine

A Message from the Divine Feminine

A Message From The Divine Feminine – 7 May 2020

This is the message from the Divine Feminine that I received in advanced of my Womb Blessing Group on 7 May 2020.

“Dear Ones, You are loved,

You are sacred beings of love & light

Your purpose is to share and spread this love & light

You are vessels for the Divine Feminine and you are bringing the Divine Feminine into this world

This is sacred and healing work

This is not something you need to actively “do”, it is about being

The only work is to tidy up and heal your inner world. This will allow your light and love to shine clearly & brightly out of you.

Your inner being is the fuel for your outer being. If your inner being is healthy then your external being and expression will be healthy too.

You must heal & release all the things blocking you from shining your love & light.”

A Message from the Divine Feminine channelled by Margaret Smyth 7 May 2020


Photo by Coco Tafoya on Unsplash