A Message from the Divine Feminine

A Message from the Divine Feminine

This is the message from the Divine Feminine that I received in advance of my Womb Blessing Group on 4 Aug 2020.

The theme for the group that evening was healing our Inner Mother aspect.

“Dear Ones,

It makes me so happy that you are here doing this important work of healing and restoring your Inner Feminine,

As you do this work you are strengthening your own Feminine energy and also the Feminine energy in the world,

This is so needed right now

You are now healing your Inner Mother aspect,

This will allow you to take better care of yourself,

It will also demonstrate for others what a healthy inner mother looks like,

As you take better care of yourself you will start to shine and radiate wellbeing

If you continue to look after yourself you will always have an overflow of energy to share with others,

You will be able to help others easily and effortlessly,

This overflow of wellbeing and energy will spill out of you and flow to everyone and everything around you.

This abundance of wellbeing will uplift everyone in your environment,

This is how you help others, from your overflow not at your detriment,

This is how the Divine arranges “win win” situations.

As you look after yourself and fill up your tank, its starts to overflow and this overflow then helps others.

It is designed to be easy and effortless to uplift others. “


A Message from the Divine Feminine channelled by Margaret Smyth 4 Aug 2020

 Photo by DEAR on Unsplash