A Message from Archangel Jeremiel

A Message from Archangel Jeremiel


Archangel Jeremiel asked me to share this energy healing video with you and this message:

“Trust all is well,

Trust it is safe to start afresh,

Trust it is always safe to start over, again and again,

Trust yourself to start afresh,

Trust yourself to begin again,

These are times of new beginnings,

Allow yourself to be a beginner,

Allow yourself to not know the way,

Allow yourself to learn as you go,

You will find your way,

Allow your soul to guide you and show you the path,

Call on me for support in these beginnings,

I am here to support you, guide you and cheer you on,

I will provide clarity when you are confused,

Call on me for help.”


Take care,

Margaret Smyth