Heal Trauma, Stress, Anxiety & Fertility issues


I am a healer and a lightworker. I help people heal their mental wounds, emotional wounds and spiritual issues.

In my practice with one to one clients, I help people heal Trauma, Stress & Anxiety and Fertility issues.

In addition, I help people heal energetic and spiritual issues such as Ancestral Healing, Past Life Healing, Cutting Negative Cords, Releasing Limiting Soul Contracts and Soul Retrieval. I also teach people how to connect to their spiritual support team.

Young woman with depression and anxiety having a bad headache

Trauma & PTSD

I experienced Trauma and PTSD. I remember the feelings of numbness, isolation, unable to connect with people, the feelings of overwhelming fear/anger, feeling unsafe and constantly on the alert.

All of this affected my quality of life, I remember the feeling of my world getting smaller and smaller.

Luckily I got help and found ways to heal from the Trauma. I since trained in some of the Trauma Release Techniques that helped me heal. And now I want to help others heal from Trauma so that they too can get back to enjoying life.

Shot of depressed young woman thinking about her problems while drinking coffee on sofa at home.

Stress & Anxiety

When we get caught up in the grip of stress and anxiety we can experience frequent headaches, problems sleeping, muscle tension, teeth grinding, feeling overwhelmed, poor concentration, rapid heart rate and breathing, irritability, perfectionism and pessimism.

It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of stress and anxiety nowadays. There is a wide variety of reasons why it happens.

The main thing to remember is that you can break the cycle and recover from it. Sometimes we just need a bit of help doing that.

I’m here to help you do just that. To recover from the mental thought patterns that lead to and keep you in the stress/anxiety cycle and help you heal your body from the effects of stress and anxiety.

Lost young woman with pregnancy test sitting on couch at home and holding her head, unplanned pregnancy

Fertility Issues

Some of the factors that affect Fertility are past emotional upsets, Trauma and Stress.

In addition, I notice a lot of women have more developed masculine energies than feminine energies.

I help women identify and heal the issues affecting their fertility.