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Margaret Smyth Healing helps people connect with their purpose, passion and inner wisdom to assist them in moving forward in their lives and achieving their dreams and potential.

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Discover and harness your…

Inner Wisdom

Learn how to tune into your innate wisdom 


Learn how to identify and follow your purpose and passion


Lean into and find joy in your everyday life


Learn the tools to settle into a sense of peace on a daily basis


Step into your natural power and develop tools to utilise it

Unique soul self

Get in tune with your true self and become your own guru

Multidimensional self

Accelerate your inner growth by tuning into your highest frequency


Find the confidence you need to progress in your life with ease

One-to-One Services

Coaching &
Personal Development

Gain the tools to rediscover your purpose and connect to your inner wisdom for long-term guidance. 

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Trauma &
Emotional Healing

Discover and clear trauma and blocked emotions quickly to allow you to progress in your life.

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Energy &
Spiritual Healing

Soothe, nurture and restore balance with a range of healing practices.

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Land &
Space Healing

Heal and clear the energy that builds up in buildings and land.

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Are you looking for a change but are unsure where to start?

At different stages and phases of your life, it’s easy to become stuck and overwhelmed and lose clarity on where you’re going. You feel like you have reached as far as you can and are now stretched and unsure what the next step is, whether that’s in your personal life or professional life. With just a few sessions, Margaret can help you move on.

One-to-One Services

The key to change is awareness

Without awareness we cannot create any meaningful change. First, we must become aware of where we currently are and what it is that’s missing from our life. Then we must become aware of the thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors that brought us to where we are now. This will allow us to create new beliefs, thoughts, mindset and behaviours that will bring us to our dreams. In this way we can create a life that allows us to thrive and flourish.

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Passion, Purpose & Inner Wisdom

Getting to know and accept yourself can take a lot of time and reflection. Within the sessions with Margaret, you can come to know yourself and all of your inner wisdom and resources. 

Margaret is here to help you uncover all the treasures within you waiting to be discovered and utilised. You have within you all the resources, experience and wisdom you need to create the life of your dreams. Margaret will guide you through a process of discovering and recognising that you have everything you need to allow you to achieve your potential and flourish.

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Achieve your dreams

How Margaret
Supports Your Goals

Free Consultation Call

Your first meeting will be through a phone call. You and Margaret will work together to better understand your needs and goals. We will identify the best approach and combination of coaching, healing techniques and skills you need to offer quick and immediate results. You will be guaranteed to feel a shift and experience progress from the very first session. By reaching out, you will have taken an essential step on your journey to success.

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Finding the root cause

During the consultation call, we will establish what problem you are facing and where you need help. Do you feel ‘stuck’, ‘lost’, ‘anxious’, or ‘conflicted’, or does it feel like something is missing from your life? It is common for many people to feel this way and recognising these emotions is a significant first step in the healing process. By contacting Margaret, she can guide you in seeing your inner self more thoroughly and get a better sense of your multidimensional self.

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Creating a plan suited to you

Together we will create a plan to unlock the lost, dormant, and abandoned aspects of yourself, or inner resources you need to put you on the path to fulfilment and success. This plan will show you all the wonders and treasures of your inner being that are awaiting. This plan will focus on what you need the most, whether that is healing, information/skills, understanding, freedom, or wisdom.

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The first session

Your first session will help you discover the problems you are facing and how Margaret, through her experience and carefully-honed process, will lead you to success. This is your journey, and Margaret is the guide that will help you find your inner self to go into the next stage of your life feeling fulfilled, powerful, and confident.

After the first session, Margaret will work with you to develop a plan to ensure you are successful in your journey.

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Setting you up for success

Just as Margaret is on a constant journey of discovering and recovering inner wisdom, joy, purpose, potential, and wholeness, so too are you. The lessons and guidance through your sessions will give you a base for long-term success and allow you to break through into the next phase of your journey.

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Guiding you into the next part of your life

No matter what aspect of your life you need help in, here at Margaret Smyth Healing, we are positive that Margaret will successfully support and guide you into the next part of your life. Margaret will work with you to uncover and discover a new way of embracing yourself. We offer a range of services for people both professionally and personally. Please find what service fits the best with your needs and set up a consultation today.

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